Certified Classics

GRAMS VS SCOTTY | Peep The Word Play |

It’s difficult to create a classic from a one-off, but I must admit that Miltown Bloe has a knack for doing just that.  This is a midwest match up at it’s best with Indiana facing off against Texas in a battle that took place in Atlanta, Georgia.


This is a very hard battle to call.  I’ve watched it three times and I’m still on the fence, but at BattleScene we don’t make excuses.  Let’s that get the obvious out of the way… This is a classic.

MS HUSTLE VS GATTAS | Venus & Serena |

There is no doubt that this is a classic battle that will be remembered throughout the culture for a while to come.  Both of these ladies brought their “A” game to the table and produced arguably one of the best battles of NOME 4.


Enter The Dungeon has produced another classic. I was excited when I saw this one pop up in my YouTube subscription feed. These are two well-known Florida battle rappers who have slowly been making a lasting impact on the battle scene.

Body Bags

Tech Mixes

Recent Battles

AH DI BOOM vs. Jay Wirth: Another Body Bag

I don’t want to harp on this too much and by far, I’m not taking anything away from Jay Wirth.  I’m aware that both emceez only had 3 days notice to prepare for this battle but that is never a valid excuse to explain a body.

TGO vs. HA Double | Killer Instinct |

We talked to Automatic Ray several weeks ago about this battle. His verdict was 3-0 TGO. TechMaster ‘Stro, who also saw this battle live was indifferent about Ray’s call.  Now the battle has been released to the masses and we can all make our own judgements.


What is going on in the world of battle rap today? Since when has it become O.K. to give up any round? We have emcees that just quit in mid round, admitting defeat. It’s truly a sad sight to witness.

Danny Myers Vs. Bigg K | Feels Like I Forgot Something |

The most difficult battles to call are the “preference” battles. What confuses the situation even more is the popularity aspect. Certain emcees are so popular that they have a following of individuals who won’t ever be convinced that their favorite emcee was defeated.

Charron vs B Magic | The Power Of The Rebuttal |

The human attention span is incredibly short and with the influx of new technology that throws information our way so rapidly, we’re also quickly bored with anything that stays the same. This is what’s happening to B-Magic unfortunately.

STASH VS XCEL | Grill Dumping |

Norbes has really stepped up his game as far as recruiting is concerned. Both Xcel and Stash are quality emcees that can go far given the right opportunities. This battle is only shy of a classic, but sits at the upper end of our “Bars On Deck” category.

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